Students – FAQ’s

How will I know which class is right for me?
Once you have been registered, our experienced teachers will be able to advise, support and guide you to the correct lesson /level of work

What equipment will I need?
Normal equipment for a classroom lesson eg pen, pencil, calculator, paper or note book

Can I access this on my phone / tablet?
Yes you can…..however you may need to use your earphones so have them handy

How can I make my sessions more effective?

Find a good spot to study
Take yourself away from distractions
Turn off your phone
Keep your study area tidy and organised
Be disciplined!!

What if I need to ask a question during a lesson?
There is a ‘hands up’ tool within the on-line space which you can use. Alternatively if you have a question during the lesson you can use the ‘chat’ feature to post your question.


  • Flexibility and Convenience
  • Learning that fits around you
  • Easy Interaction with teacher
  • Access to resources
  • Ability to continue your studies to improve outcomes and build confidence